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Dreaming of Venice

Today I’m dreaming of Venice, Italy.

Venice….some call it the city of water, others call it the floating city. I call it, one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s the place where I can get lost in a maze of streets around Saint Mark’s Square. It’s a place where I can let my hair fly in the wind in a speeding water taxi. Or, I can simply relax in a floating gondola and be serenaded under a full moon along the Grand Canal. History, culture, art and magnificent cuisine, you’ll find it all in Venice. Venice is the kind of place that touches your soul and once you’ve been there you’ll always long to return.

I wish I could travel to Venice right now, in this moment. It’s when you are restricted from having something, you miss it most. COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. We don’t have the freedom to just jump up and go any more. There are many places where borders are still closed, flights are limited and quarantines are imposed. And unfortunately, Venice is not open to tourist at the moment. However, it does not stop us from dreaming and planning to visit in 2021 and 2022.

So, once we can travel to Venice again, here are the Top 5 things I recommend you see and do:

1) St. Mark’s Square: This is a must! This iconic site is the heart of Venice. You can easily access most of the main streets from here. Around the square you’ll find cafes, restaurants, shopping, museums and more… It’s also a great place to people watch, interact with the friendly pigeons and take amazing photos. The locals recommend you visit in the early morning, around 7am. It is most peaceful at this time and it’s not crowded.

2) Water Taxi – This is one of the most popular ways to get around Venice. While private water taxi’s can be expensive, it’s the best way to be privately chauffeured around Venice. If you are more budget conscious then I recommend the water bus called vaporetto. The water bus will take you from point to point and it’s an inexpensive way to tour the Grand Canal. You can ride the vaporetto from the lagoon through the Grand Canal, past the Rialto Bridge and on to the train station.

3) Day trip to Burano: This Venetian island town could be the most colorful place in the world, with all the houses painted in bright colors making each street look like a rainbow. Book a walking tour with Silvia Zanella at and truly experience life like the locals for a day.

4) Osteria, where the locals dine: An osteria is a mix of a bar and restaurant. The menu is short consisting of “small bites” like local specialties such as pasta and grilled meat or fish, often served at shared tables. You can also enjoy wine, or as the locals call it an “ombra de vin”. Ombra means a small glass of wine to be shared with a friend or consumed in an osteria.

5) The Doges Places – A visit to this famous museum is a must. The architecture is beautiful Venetian Gothic style. You’ll be amazed with the history of the palace, its famous art and the magnificence of its golden staircases. You can also enjoy some amazing views of Venice from here.

So, as you dream about Venice and start planning your travel for 2021 and 2022, I highly recommend you contact a professional travel advisor to get the latest travel advisories. At the time of writing this article, according to Italian Government: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Americans traveling to/from are only allowed for precise reasons, such as work, health or study reasons, absolute urgency, return to home, home, or residence. Travel for tourism is not allowed, at this time. The return to Italy is permitted to Italian/EU/Schengen citizens and their family members, as well as holders of residence permits and their family members with conditions such as fiduciary isolation and healthy surveillance.

Written by: Denella Ri’chard

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